God is still working at the supernatural beyond the understanding of man. Just as He parted the Red Sea,  He is still doing wonders. He reminds us that by strength shall no man prevail.

Mystery, A river that flows through under Bagar bridge at kara along Lagos Ibadan turn to land where grass grew overnight..
I was ther.. I saw it, still in shock.

End time think!!!



This is the best move for catching cold!!!


Please your comment is needed.

The freestyle kick though is superb. Feel it.

Posted by McIfedarah Sarlarwool on Monday, January 25, 2016

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Preview, buy and download songs from the album Iwo Sha-Ni, including ”All the Way”, ”The Voice”, ”Ebuchi” and many more. Buy the album for €7.99. Songs start at €1.29.

#PraiseIndyNews: Body Of Ben Davis Senior Renia Woods Found; ISTEP Test Soon Gone Per Governor; Updates On Terror Attacks In Brussels, Sandra Bland Death Case, & More

Get In the Know With Kim’s Wednesday Praise Indy News & Sports Headlines A family wants to know what happened to their teenaged daughter and as Indianapolis Metro Police continue their investig…

Source: #PraiseIndyNews: Body Of Ben Davis Senior Renia Woods Found; ISTEP Test Soon Gone Per Governor; Updates On Terror Attacks In Brussels, Sandra Bland Death Case, & More

Radio 65, side A, track 5: “Stevie Ray Vaughan helicopter crash”

Mixed Tape Masterpiece

stevie and ericSo no joking around about this track.  This was the only time during my radio-taping days that the real world snuck on to my radio station, besides the random news bits and snide commentary that would show up from time to time.  I’ll be honest, I didn’t know who Stevie Ray Vaughan or Robert Cray were at the time, I just knew Eric Clapton and I’d certainly heard of Wisconsin.  I knew this had to be serious because KISD FM never had “breaking news” of any kind unless it was a “world premiere” of a new song.  Unfortunately, we all know how this one ends, but at the time, I was glued to my stereo for something other than just recording the hot hits.

p.s.  Real classy playing Looney Tunes music in the background while reporting on a potentially fatal helicopter crash.  Sheesh.

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Seabirds and Lighthouses Galore on the Isle of May

Karen Thorburn Photography

The last few months have been a bit depressing – grey skies and rain interspersed with the occasional day of glorious sunshine. Fortunately things brightened up a bit last week. I’ve realised I’ve wasted too much time waiting for summer to arrive – it probably never will. I need to crack on and have some fun all the same. With this in mind, I booked myself on a boat trip to the Isle of May.

For someone who lives on the Black Isle, I seem to spend a lot of time in Fife! I had a good drive across the county and caught my first glimpse of the Isle of May on the approach to Pittenweem. The weather was changeable – sunshine and showers – but thankfully the visibility was good. The Isle of May is only five miles off Fife Ness but I hardly saw it when I walked the Fife Coastal Path last year due…

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The truth behind Yemi Alade And the UK’s Lebara Mobile issue

mistasilver's Blog


A photo posted on Instagram by a really huge fan of music star Yemi Alade has been causing some controversy today.

The photo shows Yemi Alade on a flyer for UK Telecommunications Company, Lebara Mobile. The photo used is one we’ve all seen a number of times on the internet.

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Busta Rhymes Arrested & Charged With Assault After Gym Fight

Hollywood Life

Uh oh! Busta Rhymes was arrested and charged with assault after allegedly throwing his ‘Muscle Milk’ protein drink at a Manhattan gym employee on Aug. 5. Get the details here!

Well, this is one way to get yourself arrested. Busta Rhymes, 43, whose real name is Trevor Tahiem Smith Jr., was arrested on Aug. 5 after he allegedly threw his Muscle Milk protein drink at a Steel Gym employee in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood. The drink that Busta allegedly threw hit the gym employee in the head after a dispute between them took a turn for the worse.

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Health Zone: Why men sleep after sex – Scientists

Diamond Celebrities


Some people have described sex as one of the sweetest things on earth, and even if it is stressful and requires a lot of strength to do, especially for men, it is a rigorous exercise many people would gladly undertake over and over again.

Though, it is no secret that many men nod off straight after sex, some women also sometimes feel sleepy after sex but the phenomenon seems more pronounced in men. To women, the obvious sign of complete ‘shutdown’ by men moments after a passionate encounter is practically frustrating, and could be accompanied with a loud buzz of snoring.

Scientists have given men the perfect excuse for feeling sleepy after sex: ‘they just cannot help themselves, and not that they are just selfish.’

It is easy to think that men sleep off after sex because they are tired, but findings have shown that it goes beyond that. Scientists…

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“I didn’t have sex in Room 027” – Actor Tony Umez (Photos)

Diamond Celebrities

Two years after ‘Room O27’, a soft porn movie generated a lot of controversies, following its explicit scenes of sex and nudity, when clips of the film surfaced online, one of the lead characters, Tony Umez has broken his silence, claiming that there was nothing like sex in the movie.

The soft-porn movie, written by Dami Joe Efe-Young, featured Tony Umez, Chinelo Ememchukwu and actor Collins Onwochei as they allegedly engaged in a dirty act.   But speaking on the controversial movie, in a recent chat with HVP, Umez refuted claims that he had sex in the movie.


According to him, “It wasn’t as if there was sex all through the movie, but  it was just an aspect  of a whole movie. It was a 2-hour movie, but people are focusing on that particular scene. That scene just happened, it wasn’t the whole movie and it wasn’t as if there was…

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Bobbi Kristina Brown: Family Members Fear Her Funeral Will Be Ruined By Fighting

Hollywood Life

Let’s hope Bobbi Kristina Brown’s family can put aside their differences at her funeral. As the Brown and Houston family get ready to lay her to rest, a source EXCLUSIVELY told family members are afraid fighting will occur between the two sides during the memorial.

Hopefully no family brawls will happen during Bobbi Kristina Brown‘s, 22, funeral. Although the Browns and Houstons have their differences, they have to unite when the time comes to celebrate Krissy’s life. However, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY family members are afraid fights will break out at Krissy’s funeral.

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Health and Wellness Reggae Music Festival in Atlanta: What you need to know

Highlanda Sound: Reggae DJ and Music Consultant Blog


3-2-1 Productions and the RGB Alliance present to you the 2015 Health and Wellness Reggae Music Festival.  This annual event is a Tribute to Marcus Garvey and a proactive response to the current family, food, and health crisis that plagues the black community and America as a whole.

Come and learn from holistic healers and practitioners.  Be entertained by Poets, Dancers, and Drummers hitting the stage along with top notch reggae bands, Highlanda Sound alongside Lion of Judah Sound, vocal performers, and musicians for a day of upliftment and positive energy.  More acts are to be announced.

Feast on healthy foods, drinks, and snacks.  Purchase arts and craft items, books, DVD’s and more.  Get screened for variety of conditions to know your status.  Come for the holistic healing of mind, spirit and body.


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Teen Mom’s Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra Star In Hilarious ‘Mission: Impossible’ Trailer

Hollywood Life

So funny! ‘Teen Mom OG’ stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra have gone from reality TV staples to movie stars. Well, sort of. They filmed a hilarious commercial for the upcoming action movie, ‘Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation,’ with their baby, Novalee. Watch it here!

We knew thatTeen Mom OG star Tyler Baltierra was funny, but we had no idea just how comical he really is. He and his soon-to-be wife, Catelynn Lowell, recently filmed a commercial to promote Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, and the result almost made us pee our pants.

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